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Gravitational wave theory (Basic principle and examples) 

Gravitational wave theory

Gravitational wave theory suggests that spinning motion of the object creates gravitational waves, which is in fact the force we know as gravity. So gravity isn't passive force, where bigger object draws smaller object, but an active force.
Furthermore, gravity is caused by gravitational waves that occur between two same elements rotating around each other. This generates gravitational waves, which pulls same substance towards itself (because it matches the same wavelength as the gravitational waves). So every element has its own gravity. Bigger the atom of given substance is, the bigger the wavelength. Gravitational waves amplitude is determined by how much (and how fast) there is substance in question spinning around each other. Force of gravity depends on the distance between source of gravitational waves and the substance it is affecting. As a result, for example in the Earth, the core of which consists largely of iron, pulls strongly iron atoms (and, of course, other metals, which is close to the Earth's core). On the other hand, there aren’t that much elements, like hydrogen, in the Earth's core, so Earth doesn't pull those elements so much. But other planets, and our sun, have elements like hydrogen abundant, so they create gravitational waves on those wavelengths, and that explains why they are pulled more to the Earth's atmosphere.

This phenomenon can be observed e.g. tide phenomenon, in which the moon (43% oxygen), attract water, but also the sun (73.46% hydrogen), draws water towards itself.

This is where Newton got it wrong (according my theory):
In the vacuum solid object doesn't move (assuming gravitational waves don't rip the object apart), but everything else moves around  it, depending on how hard elements are being pulled by the planets and the stars. It seems like entropy, because the forces in the universe are so large that the material is pulled in every direction. So there are so much gravitational waves in the vacuum, that it seems like elements are being pulled to random directions.

This can be seen in this video, where feather and bowling ball drops to ground in same speed. In reality, bowling ball and feather are standing still, and earth is moving (according it's rotation speed). This is where Newtons 9,81 m/s2 comes from, which have been understood as force of gravity. This isn't so, according my theory.
If gravitational waves doesn't affect to object, let's say asteroid, then it doesn't move in vacuum.
Stars and planets keep on spinning according their orbits, but asteroid need to wait, that something comes and moves it. When, lets say Earth's orbit intersects with the location of the asteroid, two things can happen: If asteroid doesn't have same elements as Earth, they will collide. If there is same elements, then according Earth's gravity (gravitational waves of different elements in question) to asteroid, asteroid can stay in Earth's orbit (distance depends how much asteroid is pulled by Earth, and how much other stars and planets). This explains Saturns rings.

Because of this mistake, we have ”created” all these forces, like friction, pressure, temperature and so on, but all we had needed to explain everything, was gravity.

Also thinking about atoms, this could explain why the electrons orbit protons and neutrons in a given orbital, as the proton and the neuron's rotation around each other causes the gravitational waves, which are  at electrons wavelength, and the amplitude will tell you how hard it keeps them in the orbit. Therefore, electrons are so active, because their "hurdling” off from the orbit requires a relatively small force.

In chemistry it was teached (at least for me), that electrons make atoms connect (pull together). According my theory atoms use same principle of gravitational waves (orbits in chemistry). We say in chemistry that movement is heat, my theory explains where that movement comes from. If there is a molecule, like water, Hydrogen is pulled to another direction than oxygen atoms, if the force (gravity) is strong enough, they will separate (vaporize). If movement stops, water will "freeze". If balance is right, water will stay as water.

These are just examples based on my theory (ofcource to my theory to be correct, it has to explain how everything happens), because I'm not familiar enough with the phenomena / theories (i think scientists in those fields will understand it better, once they understand principle of my theory). 
This gravitational theory is (?) Experimentally demonstrated by this example. In the link below is experiment in which the rotation of the gyro will create up to a billion time the force of gravity compared to gravity on the Earth. Of course for the material in question (in this case calsiumcarbonate atoms).
So in other words, what we understand 'artificial' gravitation, is of the same gravity, what all gravitation is.
This could be the case for all particles.
Let’s think about navigation of the birds. It is said in quantum mechanics, that birds navigate using magnetic fields. In my theory, those molecules have gravitation, which birds brain interpretate, and they ”know” their position on Earth. This explains also why birds fly in perfect formations, because they all get the same message from gravitational waves, so it seems that they know how other birds are going to fly. Birds just follow the same message, which gravity gives them.
Could this theory also explain superconductor? That is, when the metal atoms in Earth's core create gravitational waves, they impact metals on the Earth's surface, each according to given metals wavelength. When the metal is cooled enough, it isn’t affected by gravitational waves from Earth's core.
This would also explain why scales aren't accurate, because the particular material is continuously pulled in different directions, depending on which elements material has been made of, so the "weight" is changes accordingly. Therefore, the objects "weight" is different in moon than in the Earth and so on. We have always thought, that the problem is with the scale, but this isn't true. Scale is accurate, but the weight changes, depending on how the different elements in object are being pulled by gravitational waves, that planets and sun create (or any source of particular gravitational wavelength).
Theory also explains apsidal precession, because atoms of the planet is being affected by all planets, which have enough given element.
And resonance:
I think this video demonstrates pretty good, how gravitational waves work.
If my theory is right, i think you can test it with an centrifuge strong enough (strong enough to create gravitational waves). Experiment is simple. You spin any given matter in the centrifuge, and observe, does it pull same matter towards centrifuge on the outside of the centrifuge. Remember caution!

I think this theory explains magnetism, electricity and others (if not all?) theories, if it is correct. I know it is difficult to accept, but we have known for a long time, that there is something wrong with the theory of gravity. To understand it correctly, of course it forces us to think things from a different point of view. I think this is the way gravity works. But if someone can tell why my theory can't be true, i would love to hear the reason. Critical thinking is the key to finding the truth.

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